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Expressive Voices

Expressive Voices was born from the research and exploration of the Human Voice. This includes all the elements that are part of who we are, such as body, breath, mind and spirit. Our goal is to support the freeing of one’s true and full expression.

Growing up, we learn to compromise our expression – blocking the flow of energy in our bodies, avoiding certain emotions and limiting our movement. This has an influence on our creativity, our happiness and our fulfillment in life.

Acknowledging the
Voice as a carrier of expression and knowing that the body registers every experience, whether loud or quiet, we know that one’s experiences are also registered in the Voice.

Working with the Voice and the Body, we can find freedom from these self-imposed blockages on an emotional, physical, creative and spiritual level.

This is the 
journey I want to support you on!


Zelino Modesto

Coach | Performer | Teacher

My path – which is also my deep wish – is for everyone to find their true Voice, their true expression. That every Voice feels worthy to be listened to, that everyone feels worthy to be seen. From artists who want to connect to a deeper truth inside and be able to express it, to communicators who want to find the power of presence and connect this quality with the quality of the Voice, to everyone who feels there’s more inside that wants to come out and be expressed, to all those who want to find their personal power through their Voice, and to every person who thinks they cannot sing − I am here ready to support you on your journey.



I am very grateful for the way the Voice has become part of my Life. It has been my companion, my mirror – allowing me to become aware of some of my limitations and also to break free from them.


While my personal exploration and research continue, the tools and insight that the years of dedication to this work have brought me make clear to me that I want to share this world that is so precious to me with others.


I am a Voice Coach, a Singing Teacher, an NLP Coach, a Dancer, a Performer, an in-training Psychotherapist and Reiki Master and I am putting myself at your service.


Everyone has their own uniqueness. And their own unique Voice. I am here to help you find yours.



Voice Sessions

Private Sessions

Voice sessions are for anyone looking to explore and get in contact with the full potential of their Voice and expression. The sessions are designed and adapted to suit people from different areas and with different goals, from those wanting to increase their self-knowledge, awareness and expression to singers, actors, teachers and presenters.

Whether you want to connect to the potential of your expression, work on an artistic project, get in contact with your creativity, improve your vocal and physical presence or find the best version of yourself in presentations, I can help you.

In the first session we will assess the challenges, discuss what your goals and wishes are and define a starting point for the work. ​During the sessions we will use various techniques depending on what is needed at a given moment. These techniques can include singing and speaking techniques as well as imaginary games and archetypal images that allow us to visit new places and resonances. The sessions will allow you to gain more awareness and expand your Voice beyond its habitual limits, as well as discover different elements of the Voice, such as new registers, colors, expressions and emotions; and find more freedom in speech elements like tempo, pitch, volume and timbre.

In person sessions take place in my Voice Studio in Lochristi. Online sessions are also possible.

My Voice Studio below.


If you are looking to get to know your Voice and yourself on a deeper level and unleash the fullest of your expression, then the sessions are for you. You can click here to schedule a voice session.


Workshops take place in a group environment. During the workshops we will also have time dedicated to body work, in order to open spaces for the Voice and its resonances.

Voice work will include different speech and singing techniques as well as games allowing us to benefit from group support as we visit new places and soundscapes.

There will be time for group work as well as individual time for each one of the participants.

You may be invited to bring a song, a text or a theme as the basis for the individual work. There may also be Polyphonic/group singing.

Information about upcoming and past workshops can be found on the Facebook page!



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